5 Truths About Artists

5 Truths About Artists

I usually find it hard to call myself an artist. Most people think artists are famous and wealthy weirdos! I may be a weirdo but unfortunately, I am not wealthy nor famous. Dang! However, artists share more than that. Maybe you want to know more about this so I compiled:

5 Truths About Artists

5 Traits Found in Artists

Let’s rock!

  • #1 – Incomprehension


Most artists are misunderstood. They see things no one else can. They express feelings no one want to feel. This is definitely the case when I share some of my pictures. People are like « What the hell is this? Did you lose your mind? » Well, not really! That’s okay though, art is only perception and luckily, we all perceive things our own way.


  • #2 – Their art for themselves


As it may be an explanation for the lack of fame and money, I cannot share something I don’t like. Some pictures I have taken will never go before your eyes, just because they don’t express my feelings! I have some pictures I took several years ago that didn’t go out even after being transformed in Photoshop. They’re not what I captured and until I can reflect the moment, they’re stored!


  • #3 – Pain and torture


Most artists are tortured and I am no exception. I am only « happy » with my creations when my state of mind is down. It may be because of my dark photography niche and I would be a liar if I stated that I didn’t need to feel down or depressed to produce great art. Remember that painter who cut his ear, right? (Van Gogh for those who didn’t hear about this!). Well, I am not planning to mutilate myself for now but it is a true fact that artists and pain are tied. So far, I couldn’t explain it…


  • #4 – Haters


Not being famous doesn’t prevent an artist to be hated by people! Once again, I am not different! Well, as usual, I embrace my favorite IDGAF attitude but I have to admit that I tried (only for a short moment to be honest…) to understand what were the triggers to unleash such unpleasant comments… If I don’t like something, I just look elsewhere, I don’t really feel the need to puke on it… At least, I’m getting reactions, right! 😀


  • #5 – Lack of recognition


Maybe art is perceived as useless but most artists are finally admired when they’re dead. It sucks. Especially for said artists! For younger artists, it is important that they don’t give up on their art and that they don’t lose their souls. This is the most important advice I would give them. If they start to try to please everyone at any cost, they may be able to pay their bills but they won’t be recognised for the real « them ». Well, as usual, things may not go according to the plan so they may have to find a regular source of income and keep art as a hobby until they start to get their names out.


Or you can just pretend!… Nobody cares anyway. Be happy and keep your soul safe!

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