Thoughts on people

Thoughts on people

Just so you know, I was not born with that IDGAF attitude. Life, and especially people I met all around the world took me there! 

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining about this. I think it would have been a choice at some point anyway…



The following picture is my next Instagram post, so you will know exactly what I am talking about. I reflects perfectly my thoughts on people!


Thoughts on people


So, since I totally agree with this, I am doing what the fuck I want. It doesn’t pay the bill but, man, that’s so good to just look at them and let sarcasm out!

Shrek says about blurp « it’s better out than in ». Same thing applies to sarcasm!

We live in an era of SJWs (Social Justice Warriors for those who don’t know what the hell is that!) and each time I open any social media platform, I feel this is kindergarten again… Like « this person is so mean, he/she did this to me » and everybody else is just bashing around without even asking « wait a minute, what’s the other side of the story? » Cause, you know there is another side, right? 

In Panama, we have made some fantastic Panamanian friends. When it comes to the foreigners, O.M.G., you wouldn’t believe what I can tell you! Most of them are here for escaping their lives. They made the move for the wrong reasons. And guess what? They’re martyrs or victims. 

I know there not going to read this, but still, I’m taking this out:

You fucked up your life. Shit happens. Get back on your feet and move on. Nobody’s responsible for your bad decisions.

  • You cheated on your wife? Too bad. Who’s the fucker? You did this to yourself, so do us a favor and shut the fuck up.
  • You started a business and it doesn’t work? Well, maybe you didn’t do your research enough. This is nobody’s fault but yours. Stop fucking blaming others for your shit. 
  • You decided to back stab people and you’re surprised they don’t support you anymore and that they may not be talking about you in the best words? Man, you’re an idiot. Wake up.

I have news for you… Nobody FUCKING cares about your misery. And, let me be more specific. You put yourself in that situation. There is only one person to blame: YOUR FUCKING SELF!


Oh, and by the way, you can set up a « tribe » of assholes, you fit perfectly in.




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