Streets and Architecture

Panama City view in HDR


When I hear Panama is a third world country…


I believe I can fly…


Power lines???


Saint Michel, Montmartre, Paris


Voodoo in the street


Wall art


Los Antisociales Barber Shop


Bienvenidos a Panama ❤️


At least, there is a trash container!


Seems a lot of people had sit in this one…


Not so pleasant area of Panama Ciudad


Avenida Central, Ciudad de Panama


Amador, Ciudad de Panama


Figali Convention Center, Ciudad de Panama


Fonda Pritty Pritty, Ciudad de Panama


San Miguel, Ciudad de Panama. Not so safe…


Is it a sort of spring cleaning?


Tiltshift on a construction site.


Caption please?!!!


Luna’s Castle, seems cool to hang here!


Beach Wall in San Carlos, Panama


Not easy to get furniture to fit…


Not sure this hairdresser is still operating. Who knows?


So, clearly, people who dumped their trash didn’t know Spanish!


If you had to choose one door, which one would it be? Just curious!


Downtown Panama City.


School sign, barbwire, hmmm, questioning myself!


Would you dare to check out what’s inside?


Safety first!


No question about electricity here!


Ghosts in the City

Can you see the ghosts? I added them, nothing creepy in reality!


Tiltshift on Avenida Balboa


Who can tell the moon is fake?!?!


We call this one the DNA Tower! Thoughts?


Church in Penonome. A beautiful one.


Inside of a Penonome Church.


« Real Life » doesn’t seem that real!


Colors of Panama

What would be a trip in Panama without bringing souvenirs?


Did you know that the Panama hat is manufactured in Ecuador? How funny!


Not many more displays like this left. Sad…


Close to the French Embassy. Casco Viejo, Panama


Paradox – Modern vs. Antiquity


I bet this car needs maintenance…


Definitely one of my favorites. Casco Viejo, Ciudad de Panama


Panorama in Panama City. Can you see the contrast between the old boats and the new buildings?


Public Laundry! Wow…


Encaged Love…


Panamanian Art in El Valle market. You really have to check it out!


Totally Locked Locks!


Did you really think I could get a shot of an empty street in Casco Viejo? For real?!


I had to get this one before they destroy the house 😤


That’s a lot of buckets!