Sometimes, this is how I feel about life!


Just for fun, Panama on a plate!


Polished shoes


Sleeping beauty


A 2 minute speed-art

Dark Park in Panama


Another fallen angel. We need to care about our angels…


At least, they have a big trash container!


Better in black and white


Bad Pigeons…


From scratch, a crashed paper plane in the middle of nowhere


Did you ever see Montmarte like this?


A panoramic view in Paris. Yes, the sky is fake!


Amusing creation from Panama City

That may twist your neck!


Fallen Angel

Once again, we left an angel falling 🙁


Ghosts in the City

Can you see the ghosts? You know, all ghosts are not necessarily filled with bad intentions…


That’s my GodziGat! I had fun doing this one 😀


One of my favorite things is to imagine a world with no more humans! Here is Panama City


Yes that guy sleeps on the floor… And nobody cares. Great demonstration.


Rooted Old Man

Rooted Old Man 🙁


Followed by Death


Angels watching sleeping homeless in Panama City


Haunted by her past and her choices


Another creation of an Empty Panama City


Tree in a glass

A tree in a glass


Midi turned into a lion

You can be whoever you think… Thanks to my son’s cat for being such a great model 🙂


Flower in the desert

Mother Nature always takes it back. Creation. All fake!


Pepers in water!

This is NOT a photo! That is a Blender creation. Based on tutorial.


Avenida Balboa, Panama

Tiltshift on Avenida Balboa, Panama City


Casco Viejo, Panama

This photo is one of the entrances of Casco Viejo, Panama. FYI, the moon is fake!