People and portraits

Lonely girl in the mountains…


Happy girls in Altaplaza Mall, Panama


Isn’t she gorgeous?


Instant Picture!


Dancers in Albrook Mall, Panama


Old shoeblack in the city


Old man shaving his face


Pregnant woman in Casco Viejo


Beautiful Panamanian girl


Kids playing


International beerfest


Bella Chica de Panama


Paying my respect

Respect to this old man


Emotion at its fullest. Incredible bond between a man and a monkey.


There is nothing more fun to use than a phone booth!


Crying women in the Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris


Cuteness Overload


Working girl in the city of Panama


Best place to get fresh fruits and veggies


Girls wearing traditional casual outfit in Penonome


Another version of pole dance, So cute!


Primary use for boobs: feeding little humans!


I wish I could draw 🙁


AMAZING: Nothing more to say.


Time to get some ink!


Migrants in France. Her new condition is not slightly better than the other one…


That was a CAR! Citroën 2 Chevaux if you want to know!


Not sure how long she waited…


Stop complaining and get back to the basics… Simple life!


Homeless who ASKED me to take his picture. It is written « refuse to loose » on his ti-shirt. Respect, man.


She just looked trapped. Not sure why.


An old violist in El Valle.


She was trying over and over again. She was definitely not a giving-up person.


I felt sad when I saw this old woman. She looked like she had regrets of not going another path.


Panama can be so colorful! Totally amazed!


They say we all are born equal. Sorry, this is the wrongest statement EVER.


Most of what they sell are hand made. Well, it is not written « made in China » at least!


Kids from 2 different communities and social level holding their hands. Powerful.


Community mix. Kids don’t care so why would we?


Dentist appointment in the mountains around Penonome. Can you see hope in her eyes? I do.


Such a big city and he looks so lonely…