The Creative Thinking Process

The Creative Thinking Process

If you’re following me for a while already, you know that one of my favorite statement is « Think outside the box ». If you’re a new follower, now you know! So today, I would like to talk to you about The Creative Thinking Process.

It is important to me that you realize that of course you may need to follow some rules (laws are a good example!) but you also have to let your brain (you know, that slimy substance that lays under your hair!) do some work. The brain is like a muscle. You have to make him work so he can work more.

The process of creative thinking is another way to tell you to think outside the box.

The Creative Thinking Process

And I am not stating this just to appear as your favorite rebel. We both know I don’t need this to piss some off…

When I make this statement, I really think about you and your sanity. If you’re just a sheep following stupid rules enacted by others for others, well, I’m sorry to say you’re not going very far.

What about thinking by yourself? Experiment ideas and thoughts. Maybe not all of them are worth but who knows? If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

This is true in art in general. I’m just going to talk about photography since this is my field. So, I’m in Panama, Central America. Here, you have beautiful beaches. When I see 100 pictures of the same beach taken by 100 different photographers, it makes me sick. Where the hell is their creativity???

The Creative Thinking Process is quite simple:



If you’re an artist, behave like an artist. Own your art and don’t be just a copy of someone else. You can’t please everybody anyway so I would strongly suggest you don’t even try. Be who you are. Haters are everywhere. But remember what is a hater? Usually, it is a looser eaten up by jealousy and envy. Own your IDGAF attitude and just be.

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