A day with the Embera Quera

A day with the Embera Quera

A few weeks ago, my friend Gilles from GTA Panama invited me to join him for

a day with the Embera Quera


Welcome to the Embera Quera



It may sound weird but this day kind of change my life! I realized I could totally live there and adopt their way of life… I am fully aware that it won’t happen but I have to admit that after only one day spent there, it sort of broke my heart to go back to my life.

Those people are so happy, they live with almost nothing because their hearts fill all their needs. No phone, no internet, no Facebook, nothing that can bring B.S. into their happy lives. 

What the fuck happened to us? Why do we constantly need more? Why do we have to fight over crazy crap? 

Look at this video and tell me. I can’t believe we gave this kind of life up only to find out that the one we have now is filled with emptiness and shit… 




From the artist view, this was just perfect to shoot people like the Embera Quera. They are wonderful and friendly. It was incredible to have that connection. They live by their rules and it seems to work so well! They heal themselves with plants, they have a profound respect for Mother Nature and planet Earth. 

When I hear people talking about them in terms of « savages » or « backward », I am refraining myself not to tell them they should learn from them. No pills for every single crap, no allergies, just a simple way of living.

I can’t help but questioning myself about the reasons that pushed us towards our actual life, where people are just filled with hate, jealousy, envy, and sickness…

I am very thankful for my friend who took me there and made me experience this amazing day. We’ll soon go back.

Until then, take care, and stay away from bullshit! 

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