A Photo-shooting with IDGAF

A Photo-shooting with IDGAF

There are various ways to set up a photo session. There are also various reasons from customers to request a photo session.

But there is only one way for A Photo-shooting with IDGAF!



What is it so different then? Well, first of all, it has to be fun! Whatever the reasons you subscribed for a photo-shooting, if you’re nervous, anxious, or uncomfortable, it will show on the pictures.

For this one, meet Sofia! Sofia Serrano is a knitwear designer and you can see her amazing creations on her Instagram account.

She wanted to have a photo-shooting so she can promote her products with some professional pictures.

I was truly honored she chose me over another photographer because, well, you know, my art doesn’t please everybody! Sometimes, I have very nasty comments but you know also that I am a firm believer in this IDGAG attitude that can shock or amuse!




Sofia was definitely a fantastic model to shoot! She played the game and we really had fun doing this. She was a true example of thinking outside the box!

We shoot inside and outside so she could have different clothes and decors, which was eased by a beautiful weather in Panama City!

I would definitely be up for doing this again anytime soon! For more information, remember you can contact me by email or whatsapp at 6298-5345.

In case you want to get in touch with Sofie, you can also email her from here.



I can’t resist to share a few more pictures with you from this photo session! Enjoy 🙂


Photo-shooting with IDGAF

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