Interesting Shape for a House!

Interesting Shape for a House!

Interesting Shape for a House!

I have to admit that I found this to be an Interesting Shape for a House! It may be kind of tricky to furnish but I am sure final result could be awesome.

I am always amazed when I walk in Panama City because I always see unusual houses or people there. This is the good part in living in a foreign country. It is constantly something new to discover and I must say I really like to walk in streets that will not suit to all tourists.

Before I was ready to get a pint of beer in my favorite bar, I remember I was listening to this:

Can you feel it? 😀

After you saw so many unusual things, you feel the need to hydrate! I know I may give you too many details on my inner path when I take pictures but I am trying to make you understand that you have to first love what you’re doing if you want people to feel your vibe. Remember you don’t have to please everybody and as long as you enjoy yourself, you can say you reach your goals!

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