Old guy shaving in Panama City

Old guy shaving in Panama City

Old guy shaving in Panama City

During my last photowalk, I was walking through not so pleasant areas and I couldn’t resist and take a picture of this Old guy shaving in Panama City.

He had no mirror but his moves were certain and without any hesitation probably because he repeated this process every day for his whole life.

I was impressed he was homeless but, yet, taking care of himself. I am very humble before this old generation. In the past, people were happy with very few things and were always clean and good looking as much as they could.

Now, new generation can spend a few days without showering as long as their electronic devices are fully charged so they can think they’re having a social life.

It amuses me a lot that you can be friend with 2000+ persons on Facebook and still don’t know who to call when you want a real talk… In fact, it doesn’t amuse me. It makes me sad.

Life is passing before your eyes on social media, you have an opinion on anything, are ready to jump on any stupid argument that is none of your business, but you can pass by this poor grandpa without even seeing him.

Wake up, people. Life is not about being glued to a screen. Except for reading my articles of course!

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