Public Breastfeeding in Panama where it is normal!

Public Breastfeeding in Panama where it is normal!

For a beautiful Sunday, I have decided to share this beautiful picture of a mommy who was breaking the rules of some blind-minded people…

Here is the so shocking picture of a

Public Breastfeeding in Panama where it is normal!

Public Breast-Feeding in Panama where it is normal!

I couldn’t refrain myself of promoting this shocking content! What amuses me the most is that people who find this inappropriate are usually citizens of the biggest pornography producer country!

Isn’t is true hypocrisy? I read sometimes that mothers have to go hide in the bathroom to breastfeed their babies. Meanwhile, youporn is easily accessible for teenagers… What the fuck is wrong with you people?!

Just a really needed reminder: Boobs were not made to amuse men in the first place. 😝 Women have boobs to feed our children. If other uses are made, well, fine, but why do women have to hide for such a beautiful act of love????

This is another reason for me to really like Panama. Normal things are simply done. Period. No need to hide or to be ashamed for breastfeeding in public. I think that those who think otherwise are twisted-minded and they are the ones who should be ashamed…

Let’s go back to the picture (now I gave my thoughts!). I took this picture at the Panama Inkfest in 2016 and for once I asked the woman if I could take the picture. She was surprised I ask since there was nothing unusual in her behavior!

Not a lot of editing, just turning the pict in black and white only keeping the pink hair-band. Do you like it? Let me know in the comments section.

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