Shoeblack in Panama City

Shoeblack in Panama City

Shoeblack in Panama City

Each time I go for a photowalk, I am amazed by scenes from the past. This Shoeblack in Panama City falls right in that category. That’s not by the job itself, but more by the complete set up in the beginning of Avenida Central.

You can probably see the 2 men are on wooden chairs if we can call this « chairs »! I remember when I was travelling, I used to see shoeblacks in the airports but the chairs were amazingly comfortable, like you could have a nap while having your shoes polished!

What impressed me the most this time was the pride the old guy took by doing  the best job he could considering the material he has. He was very focused on satisfying his client and it once again made me think about the way foreigners complain about customer service, or the lack of customer service.

Interestingly, this is something I never experienced since we moved here. People were always helpful and friendly so I can’t help but I have to question their attitude… I’m not saying anything else, just throwing the question at the wind! Attitude and behavior are a 2 way-communication.

When you treat people like shit, how do you expect to be treated? 😉

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