Used chair during a photo walk

Used chair during a photo walk

Used chair!

While I was doing my first photo walk, I couldn’t resist when I saw this old armchair! I wast thinking that if it could talk, it would tell story about all the asses it endured!

I was amazed to see that maybe it was just here for anybody who needed a rest. Maybe if I had come 5 minutes later, I would have found one of my favorite characters waiting to be pictured and reminded for ever (at least by myself).

You know, every single picture I take has a story, has a specific emotion and meaning to me, and I am trying to convey those feelings through my art. I am not conventional and, thanks for reminding it, I am fully aware!

Going back to the environment, I took this picture in an old part of Casco Viejo and I know that it may bot be here next time. This is the power of street photography. One chance, one shot. You can come at the same place every day, it will never look the exact same. This is what I like and I hope you do like it too!

If you want to be part of a photo walk, I am doing one per month, more or less. You can subscribe here to my Facebook page so you will be alerted when next one is coming. See you soon!

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