Working Girl in Panama City

Working Girl in Panama City

Working Girl in Panama City

This picture was from my April photo walk in Panama City. This girl / woman (I didn’t see her face so it is hard to tell) was walking towards what I thought was her job. This is why I named this picture « Working Girl in Panama City ».

She looked in a rush and she was walking through this little space because everything was under maintenance or remodelling. She was constantly trying to get her dress go lower and lower and I had to try not to laugh thinking « why the hell didn’t you buy a longer dress if you keep trying to take it down? »

She didn’t pay attention to me, or maybe she did and it would explain why she was walking fast! 😀 Who knows?

Anyway, once again, I was thinking about people here amongst foreigners, who keep complaining about customer service and how slow Panamanians are. Let me tell you something: this girl was not slow at all and per my experience, I never had to complain about customer service here. Oh, but wait… Maybe I am not treating them like shit so it helps? You should try, you may be impressed!

People in the city are all working no matter what. Remember there is no assistance here: no job, no money, you can just die if you’re not moving your ass towards your goals. Once again, you should try.

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