Buying Fresh Fruits in Panama

Buying Fresh Fruits in Panama

Fresh Fruits in Panama

A fantastic thing about living here is that you can always find Fresh Fruits in Panama! As a bonus, they have no treatment, no chemicals, nothing. So of course, the shapes are not really academic and we all know haters that will mention that tomatoes look better anywhere else in the world… (well, maybe then, you can get the fuck out and go back to your home country to eat your perfect round shape tomatoes?)

Another thing I really enjoy when I buy my fresh fruits is that I will always have a chat with the seller and the other clients around there. Talking about everything and anything with local people is always an amazing experience for me. Although I still speak a broken Spanish, we always have an interesting conversation! Apparently, my broken Spanish is better than no Spanish at all 😀

This vendor was in Avenida Central, one of the only pedestrian streets in Panama City but you can find some of them anywhere in the country. You can even find some on the highway and if you’re lucky, you’ll see a sign saying « pipa fria », cool coconut! And let me tell you: you absolutely NEED to try it!

Going back to the picture, I am sure you noticed the structure of the « building »! It always amazes me to see how it is made and how nobody cares about it. Let’s face it, it is better to have good fruits sold in the middle of the streets than chemically treated ones in a fancy store, right?

Fruits to me are like persons: IDGAF about their appearance as long as they’re good!

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