HDR Creations by IDGAF

HDR Creations by IDGAF

Lately, I met a lot of people who fell in love with some of my HDR creations. While they are not my favorite (you know I am the dark one, right?!), I wanted to share some here with you.

They will be part of our next exhibition in Albrook Mall on August 19th and 20th. If you have a chance (or a taste), do not hesitate to stop by and meet with us. I think I already told you that there is a story behind each picture and I would be honored to share some with you.

As we were researching about HDR, we found out they are more and more popular amongst artists and buyers. It is mostly a Photoshop technique and you can get great results even if you are taking picture with your phone. You can try by setting your smart phone on « HDR » when taking the picture. Do not hesitate to share your art in our new group Artistas en Panama. Don’t be shy, there is no judgement, no negativity, just the love of art.

Hope to see you soon either in reality or virtually! Until then, take care.

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