Escaping Reality Through Art

Escaping Reality Through Art

Most people I know and like have a way out from reality. Why? Just because we need to step back from our shit.

For me, this is art. Photography art.

I am escaping reality through art.

When I hear people say that I became a photographer because I met someone who was one, I can’t resist the urge to laugh. I met a lot of people during the 40 something years I was on planet earth. I never wanted to be one of them. Why? Because I never need a role model to express my thoughts and will never need one.

Escaping Reality Through Art

I absolutely don’t care about what others are saying and I wish others would do same so we wouldn’t need to escape reality.

The real question is « why do we want to escape reality? »

Because reality sucks. I mean what we’ve done with reality sucks as hell. We made it a field of ruins where selfishness, bad behavior, treachery, betrayals, and viciousness are king of this empire we built.

When we find ourselves just stuck into those feelings, we need a way out. For some, this is exercising, for others, it is drinking. For me, this is photography art.

As soon as I immerse myself into my photographies and how I can turn them to express my feelings, I feel safe. Nobody can hurt me into my deepest thoughts. I have erected impassable fences where I allow only few to none.

Art photography is my outlet. Nobody tells me what to do. And, although I’m very happy to see I have more and more people positively reacting to my pictures, that’s not my motivation.

My art is my safe heaven, no matter what you have heard. It always was and it will always be.

And just in case you need advice, my first one would be to adopt the IDGAF attitude when it comes to your way out from reality. My second one, as always, would be not to loose your soul and to think out of the box. Even better, get rid of the fucking box and unleash your creativity.

There will always be haters. This is how people are. They are motivated by envy, jealousy, and the emptiness of their personalities.

Be the first believer in yourself because if you don’t, nobody will…

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