Free 5th IDGAF photowalk

Free 5th IDGAF photowalk

I am very pleased today to invite you to participating at the Free 5th IDGAF photowalk!


First, we may need to define what a photowalk is!

I know everything seems to already be in the word itself, but a photowalk is much more than walking with a camera!

In fact, I like to do photowalks with like-minded people and I am usually surprised to see there are more than what I thought initially. Showing reality was always my niche and people I meet in art shows seems to share that same passion.

So, what to expect when participating to a photowalk with me?


Unexpectedly, I am not the asshole some think I am and I would not make you walk for 20 kilometers! My main goal during these walking classes is to make sure you’ll get something out of it, other than sore legs!

I share with you some techniques to get a good shot where others will just get a clic-clic-boom picture… The key is the instant when it comes to photographing people.



For example, this one:

Pregnant Girl in Panama City

She was getting a photoshoot by another photographer and she was looking at him, posing for him.

I sent a small sign to the photographer for his permission (I told you I’m not an asshole!) and after he gave me his green light, I took this picture in a blink!

The key here was the perfect timing with her not looking at me and this picture is a success, considering she was not expecting ME to get her picture!





For buildings, we have more time to make sure the light is good, but still, you need to capture it with your eyes first. The camera is only an extension of your eyes. Never forget this.

You have the opportunity to shoot several pictures and you can bet that one of them will be perfect!

I will always advise you not to mess with the settings of your camera. Keep in mind that Nikon and Canon have some engineers whose job is to make your picture taking process the easiest… It always makes me laugh to see so-called photographers « adjusting » for ever to only get over-exposure and blurry pictures!




Animals are fun to take picture of too!

You have to be close enough but not too much so they don’t run away… Not an easy trick!

Here, this is more about luck to catch the perfect instant for the perfect topic.

The most important thought to keep in mind is that not all pictures will be good and you have to be ready to trash at least half of them… But that’s okay. This is an ongoing learning process.


Usually, we end a photowalk with a wrap-up chat at La Rana Dorada! This is a place where you can choose from a lot of different craft beers and after walking, I call this a reward!

I look forward to meeting you on October 21st, 10am in front of the French Embassy.

Until then, take care and shoot at will! 😉

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