International Beerfest in Panama

International Beerfest in Panama


I totally forgot to share this one with your!!! This is my amazing wife, my support from day one, and the only one who can take all my shit!

International Beerfest in Panama


So, in March, we went to the International Beerfest in Panama and we had a blast!

It was in Figali Convention Center on Amador Causeway and we had beer, fun, fun, beer, not necessarily in this order!












So, this was not a photowalk nor nothing related to photography, dark creations, or whatever you are used to with me; instead, that was just a day where I had a chance to enjoy life with my wife, having fun, and not worrying about anything.

We met great people here, we were all sharing the same intent of enjoying a few beers and good music, and not looking for anything more. Once again, that was great to be surrounded by positive people who had nothing to complain about. What a refreshing time away for my favorite assholes!!! Bahahaha!

Stay tuned for more upcoming events. Albrook Mall is the next show but a photowalk will be scheduled sometime in July. Like my Facebook page so you don’t miss a new from me. Well, it is up to you, fun and show will continue whether you’re there or not! 😈

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