Make my shoes shine

Make my shoes shine

Make my shoes shine

Although this is not really a dark creation, I couldn’t classify this one as a street or people picture. The young man was clearly expecting a « Make my shoes shine » from the oldest.

You know that I never take picture just for taking pictures… I like to bring either emotions or questions.

And this one is no exception. It comes with different interpretations and feelings. Would you think that the youngest one had his shoes polished to support the oldest’s business and contribute for his family? Or would you think that the kid is just an asshole expecting the old one to polish his shoes? Tough choice huh!?!

I like to have alternate points of view. It is like in life. 2 friends. Each one has a business. Each one should support each other. Do you believe it happens that way? Hell Fucking NO! There is always one that is taking advantage of the other. And it SUCKS.

So, you have 2 choices: Either you love your sleep and will always be the supportive one. Or you’re the selfish asshole who always tries to get the best from everyone else. Sadly, most of the people I met lately are 2nd category! My bad.

Back to the picture because as usual, I took it to the next level and express myself! I shot this one in Avenida Central in Panama City. This is one (if not the only one) pedestrian street in Panama City. There are a lot of little Panamanian stores, fruits and veggies trucks, and of course food and drink shops.

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