Kind of Opossum!

Kind of Opossum!

You know by then that I’d rather hang with a tarantula than with a random human! So here is a kind of opossum that we meet regularly in Panama.

This little guy was in the shelter El Nispero in El Valle, Panama. They know call this shelter a zoo but you really have to visit it to figure out that zoo is definitely not the appropriate name! Indeed, animals have a lot of space and they are usually brought there to feel better. It was first a shelter managed by an awesome vet who would do whatever he could to help the wild life. He finally had to move to a « zoo » so he can get a little financial support by monetizing the entrance.

It can take about 3 hours to go and check on all animals there. Beautiful birds, monkeys, wild pigs, snakes (yikes!) and spiders. This is a fantastic place to go whit or without kids!

Try it and tell me 🙂

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