Pregnant Girl in Panama City

Pregnant Girl in Panama City

Pregnant Girl in Panama City

Once again I was walking and I saw this Pregnant Girl in Panama City getting a photoshoot!

I couldnt resist, you know me! Always looking for something good to bring home! I used to be a hunter before totally diving into being a photographer and I always have this « hunting » feeling. When I see a good picture to take, this is like an accomplishement of hours of tracking.

What I really like about photography is that I can turn my shootings in anything depending on my mood… I use photoshop to turn a picture into a dark photography or even into a dark creation where I will add elements that have nothing to do with the inital picture.

I remember a few years ago, I was doing photographies for people, vey basic photography because I wanted to please them. And I finally realized that it didn’t make me happy because I was loosing my soul, and this is the only advise I would give you if you want to embrace art: « Never loose your soul ».

It is not easy to be an artist, and I know you are looking for recognition from your pairs. Sadly, most humans are plain dicks and they will only be jealous from your vibes and make you feel like shit. Don’t allow them to get this power. Be true to yourself, think outside the box, and don’t chase fame.

Do not hesitate to check this website to order some of my art and enjoy!

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