Beautiful Panamanian Soul

Beautiful Panamanian Soul

Beautiful Panamanian Soul

When I saw this young girl on a day trip in the mountains around Penonome, I had no other choice than take a picture. She looked like she was connected to her soul and since my favorite motto is « Don’t loose your soul », I couldn’t help myself.

Maybe she was praying, hoping for a good life, hoping her family will be fine, wishing her dad would provide enough food for them, or maybe she was really connecting with her soul.

This is one of the reasons why I really love Panama. I know that I will always have a chance to collect great pictures of people. It is not easy for an artist to get the perfect catch, and even though, I am a firm believer in using Photoshop to enhance some colors and contrasts, the base has to be powerful enough to bring emotions from my eye to your heart.

As I previously told you, you have to think out of the box to reinforce the power of a picture and to convey your message if you have one. This is not about the price of your camera. This is about you and your creativity.

As usual, you can contact me if you would like to have some of my art printed. Also, I will start soon some « social experiment ». I will invite some of you at my place and I would only require you to share your interpretation of my pictures! I am sure it will be fun and entertaining for all of us. Follow me on Facebook to know about those upcoming events.

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