What would happen if earth was human-free?

What would happen if earth was human-free?

Today is a day I really think the only species that will never disappoint me are animals…

A few months ago, I made a dark creation about

What would happen if Earth was human-free?

What would happen if earth was human free?

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am a human and I would disappear too, but this is a sacrifice I would be willing to make if it gives our planet a chance to survive… Or maybe, we can try by take all the assholes out of the chessboard? I am sure it would already add a lot of space, right! 

Lately, I realized that people I considered like my friends were just using me (us) and others I always had respect for were definitely not worth it! 

So, once again, I was about to loose my soul for bullshits that, at the end of the day, are not worth my energy. I am glad it didn’t take me long this time to come to that point… I always have a hard time to overcome treachery but I become better each time. 

I swear by the IDGAF attitude and most of the time, it works! Bahahaha! 

Music… This is how I feel sometimes when people are trying to hurt me or my loved family. 


I have a message for you, assholes:

« Try harder, you’re failing at taking me down… »


I will always find a way to get back on my feet, stronger than never. I owe nothing to nobody. I make my own choices. I live for what I believe in. And I don’t care anymore about you.

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