Living Life Like a Tightrope Walker

Living Life Like a Tightrope Walker

Living Life Like a Tightrope Walker


This creation is a little old but I was not ready to let it out! Today, after I realised that I was Living Life Like a Tightrope Walker, I thought I’d share it with you.

As usual, it comes from the twisted mind of your favorite French artist in Panama and as usual, I know some of you won’t like it… And as usual, I won’t care!

The background of this picture was taken on the road to El Valle Panama and i knew I would turn it into something. It still took me quite a while and quite some transformations using Photoshop to come with a « shareable » result.

I like to think that the house at the end of the road with no strings attached is my home where I only allow people and things I care about. As you can see, this is not a big place! 



While I am living life like a tightrope walker, I also have decided that I will make no compromise regarding my art. I will still follow my own rules and break the ones that are so dumb that there is NO WAY someone could follow them without loosing one’s soul.

I am not worry about being judged. Whatever I do, I’ll be judge anyway and it doesn’t matter to me. I am always very humble facing constructive comments but a simple « it looks like shit » will never hurt me. 

And I advise you to do the same. Make your dreams come true and avoid toxicity and negativity. We have too much of that crap in this world so keep your brain and soul free from this.

Don’t let anyone take you down. Remember that negativity usually comes from jealousy so take it from where it comes and just don’t let any occasion to your happiness to be taken away.

Your life is yours, you’ve created it, so own it.


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