Why am I making dark creations?

Why am I making dark creations?

I wish I could answer « why am I making dark creations? » by « because I like it ». Sadly, I can’t. Let me explain.

For most artists, creation is a quick outlet. They share their art with others hoping they will enjoy it, like it, and praise him to continue.

But, let’s face it. Most artists are tortured minds. They have lost a lot, they’re sometimes depressed, and finally, they have to take their shit out of their mind to keep their sanity. Yeah, it starts to make sense, huh?

Let’s get some music on…

I am just the same. I have a double life. One I hate but I have no other choice than keep going over and over again. Don’t get me wrong. I am not unhappy. I just feel I am not in the right spot. An I am probably not…

I am lucky enough to have another life where I can be myself and just play my « IDGAF » card constantly.

I am not different than anybody else. I need a way out. Unfortunately, my way out is not to please you. My wait out is to throw my reality at your face whether you like it or not. An you know what? I am not even sorry so don’t expect me to apologize if it hurts your feelings. You can live in a bubble and believe you’re surrounded by unicorns, this is NOT reality and I believe you should take your shit out as well… But this is only an advice. Keep living the way you like but don’t expect me to fuel your altered world with beach and colorful creations.

Sorry, this is not happening. I am preparing our children to see the ugly truth. Humans are dick, the earth is about to give its last breath, and it is not going to get any better soon.

Keep dreaming people and hope you’ll run fast enough when reality will catch you and your virtual reality…

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