How to recognize the photographer?

How to recognize the photographer?

How to recognize the photographer


We all wondered one day how to recognize the Photographer.

Is it like in the locker room? The one who has the biggest lens? The most expensive one? The one who has studied endless photography? Then what?

The Photographer, the one with a capital letter is able to make you react with a photo taken using a single stupid phone. Really? Yes, the Photographer is an artist. He brings you something:

Emotion. Wonder. Disgust. Contempt. Memories.


The Button Pusher 

or Click-Click-Boom Syndrome

It’s fine to think that anyone can be a photographer, it’s not quite true. There are among these so-called artists, those whom I call « button pushers »! It’s not very nice, I know. But you know me, I don’t care, I don’t give a damn, I don’t give a shit!

I’m sure you know him. He packs himself everywhere with his device which would have cost you a kidney (or even the 2) if you wanted to buy yourself the same. He shootes everything he sees, click-click-boom! And he thinks he is at the top of the food chain … Should not break his trip, maybe it’s all he has …

The button pusher is vain and narcissistic. And we all know how it ended for poor Narcissus! His Facebook wall is a shitty gallery, but he is happy, because his photos are counted by hundreds, sometimes by thousands. His ego is flattered and for him, it is the essential.

It would almost make me sad if I could care less!

So how to recognize the photographer?

It’s easy! He is the one who first does not boast. The Photographer is never happy with his shooting. He still thinks he can do better. He is the one who will rework his photos to highlight the emotion. If his art does not give you pleasure or displeasure, then he has failed in his mission.


Me in Paris… I warned you 🙂

For him, nothing is ever easy. You will sometimes see photographers in positions unlikely even downright delusional! And you will want to photograph the Photographer because he will have seduced you even before you have seen the result of his work.

The Photographer does not just shoot, he looks for the moment, THE unique photo, the one that will make him react before it even makes you react. When he enters his den, the memory card full of images, he will spend hours without getting out of there. He will trash three-quarters and once he has found the one he will work on, you can bet that you have a few hours of tranquility before he deigns to show up!

Finally, he goes out of his cave without the slightest notion of time spent, disheveled, starving, but happy because he is ready to share his art and make you travel in your emotions.


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