Young Panamanian Kid in the mountains

Young Panamanian Kid in the mountains

Young Panamanian Kid in the mountains

As an artist, nothing pleases me more than taking pictures of people. Children are my favorites. I was very lucky to get this one of this

young Panamanian kid in the mountains

That was about 1,5 hours from Penonome in the mountains. This is an area where you won’t see kids with the last released device. You can even bet they won’t have any device at all.

And guess what? They are HAPPY without that crappy technology that takes your life away. They probably think they would enjoy it but being there with no network at all was so so good that I find myself disconnecting all my shit once in a while!

A few years in Panama taught me that happiness usually comes with just a small step back. Do we really NEED all the stuff we have? People here are happy with nothing. The simple fact of having a roof above their heads and some food in their plates is way enough to bring joy. When I hear some people complaining constantly that Panama is a third world country, it just makes me sick.

I have a lot of respect for Panamanians who handle all these complaints with a smile. They definitely manage the IDGAF attitude!

This kid was no exception. He was happy with some food and some other kids to mess around. I am very nostalgic sometimes of that time where we were out all day playing with real friends, drinking water from a hose, and not having to deal with « Internet warriors »…

My mission is to bring you reality and I will not fail.

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