Ready for caricatures?

Ready for caricatures?

Although you all know I love dark photography and making dark creations, I am totally up to new things and making caricatures is one of them!

So are you ready for caricatures?

I started with our dog, who is such a fantastic model and he didn’t complain!


Then, of course, my wife had to be one of my « I will turn you in anything that will cross my mind »! And here you go:

Original model. Not bad huh!

Big eyes, big mouth, big boobs!

Golum Golum, with the precious!

Ready for caricatures?

I am Groot!

I am lucky enough to have friends who are always ready to play the game!

Another « Big eyes, big mouth, big boobs »!


Black Widow!




That was a ton of fun! I will bring all the equipment needed for making live ones at our next exhibition.

Update your calendar:

Albrook Mall, Panama Ciudad – August 19th and 20th

Be ready, fun is 2 weeks away…

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