Amusing creation from Panama City

Amusing creation from Panama City

Amusing creation from Panama City

Well, I am not always mad or angry! Most of the time, I am, it is true.

I still like to have fun sometimes and doing this amusing creation from Panama City buildings was really full enjoyment!

I was amazed by the result of this manipulation. I was very doubtful that it would turn great when I started! Once again, you have to try to see what it looks like. Always remember that it doesn’t have to please everybody. This is art. As long as you like it, you reached your goal.

That was my inspirational music for this one. Still not full of joy I know, but hey, that’s me, right? Take it or leave it, I can’t help!

Recently, I was asked why I always want to show reality, which was a freaking weird question. Because, we SHOULD live according to reality and denying shit happens right next door is the best way to be in trouble sooner or later.

Plus, wake up, people, if we live in that shit, don’t you think that we may have a little responsibility in there??? Or, are we just victims from a greater entity??? That is to me B.S. You get what you made for you. Stop blaming others for your shit and feel sorry for yourself.

See, I am getting mad again! I have to go back to my dark creations, I feel one is coming right NOW.

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