Paying my respect

Paying my respect

Paying my respect


Hope you’re ready! Today I am paying my respect.

And my disrespect … What else did you expect from me? You should know me by then…

When I saw this old one-legged man working his ass off, it made me mad. Mad, because I come from a country when having a cold brings you to the doc and said doc will give you a health certificate saying you can’t work for a week or so. But wait, there’s more. You are going to be paid for letting your lazy fat butt on your couch…

Did you ever notice that people who takes everything for granted are the unhappiest people on earth? And do you know why?


Music inspiration…

To those who find happiness in anything, I am paying my respect, because they’re the happiest people in the world. I am learning from them. Every Single Day.

To those who love their family and will do whatever to make them happy, I am paying my respect. Loyalty is scarce resource these days.

To those who work as hard as they can to survive in the jungle we turned the world in, I am paying my respect. Competition, illusion, disappointment, discouragement is a daily challenge.

To those who live in million-dollars condos who still complain for futilities, I feel sorry for them. No, in fact, I don’t care about them because they don’t care about others, so why would I?

To those who think they rule the world because they say so, transforming others’ lives in nightmare, I wish them luck because they probably forget the « what goes around comes around » expression. Wait for payback time… It’ll come sooner or later.

To those who make up the truth so others will be sorry for them, I thank them because they keep me entertained by their unlimited stupidity!

I am the one who brings the truth to your eyes. I know you hate me. But one day, you’ll realise…

Heard a sentence yesterday in a tv series (guess what) : « The pessimistic looks down and hits his head. The optimistic looks up and loses his footing. The realistic looks forward and adjusts his path accordingly. »

I am the realistic.

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