Another Paradox in Panama

Another Paradox in Panama

Another Paradox in PanamaWhen you see this kind of stuff, you can’t help and just take a picture!

I found Another Paradox in Panama 😀

This is the kind of stuff you could find in the Caribbean 25 years ago. Just for fun, when people saw a « don’t dump trash » sign, they have no other choice than piling a ton at the bottom! So I am sure it would unleash a lot of unpleasant comments from people who know it all and I must admit that this is expected! The ones like « this country needs education », « we have to make them learn and understand », and so on.

And guess what? They don’t give a fuck! This is the way they always were and they see no interest in changing behaviors. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying it is fine to dump trash in the streets. For real, even my « assholiness » has its limits! But what I am saying is that they have to make the decision for a change. It is nobody else’s responsibility but Panamanians. And by the way, it may help a little if a proper trash collection system was implemented! Just sayin’…

I didn’t even bother to edit the picture in Photoshop! The only part you miss is the smell! And trust me, you’re happy not to have it because trash + heat in a tropical country doesn’t smell like fresh flowers. You bet…

Anyway, what I am about today is to let people do what the fuck they want and I expect others to let me do what the fuck I want! Capiche? 😀

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