Sadness in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Sadness in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Sadness in Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Most people find cemeteries a very odd place to walk around. For an artist, this is actually the best place to go if you want to get emotional pictures. This one is no exception and I called it

« Sadness in Pere Lachaise Cemetery ».

The Pere Lachaise Cemetery is one of the oldest cemeteries in France and when you walk in the aisles, you will be impressed by finding very old graves. Sadly, most of them are not taken care of anymore because there may be nobody left.

Last time I was in Paris, I was walking in the Père Lachaise Cemetery with my dad and we saw these two women crying on a grave. Although it is not usual to see people crying in such a place, it is always a reminder of our limited time on earth and we shouldn’t waste our precious time on B.S.



« Death is nothing at all », would say Henry Scott Holland, but for those who stay, that’s a fucking lot to deal with…

Apparently, that was not nothing at all for these two women and I knew per experience that nothing would have comforted them.

Grief is a personal challenge to overcome and we are not all equals in that area.

I am the one who always says that when it’s time, it’s time and there is nothing to do about that. Some agree, others don’t but this is a single opinion that happens to be mine!

Until my time comes, I try to be as good as possible to my loved ones and I also try to keep negative people away from my comfort zone. Yes guys, I DO have a comfort zone or a safe heaven, you name it!

A bear sleeps in a cave. Your favorite asshole sleeps in his home! 😀

Until we all meet in front of the Creator, have fun on this earth and be good to those who love you. You may want them to cry on your grave when you’re gone…

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