Troublemakers in Panama City

Troublemakers in Panama City

Troublemakers in Panama City

Seeing kids in a city is always fun for an artist, especially photographers. Those 2 looked like they were the most Troublemakers in Panama City and I couldn’t resist to grab my cam and get this shot of the little buggers!

They didn’t see me taking the picture and that was great because children always have a hard time to appear « natural » on pictures. I am sure you know this if you have kids yourself or happened to « try » to take some paused pictures or family portraits! Yeah, pain in the ass, right?! 😀

I applied a few Photoshop filters to enhance colors and contrasts but didn’t really touch the raw picture. I could have turned it into a dark creation but I was not really in the mood of doing it and since I am the artist here, I went with my well-known IDGAF attitude, whether you like it or not!…

I will soon put some Photoshop tips and tricks that will be available for free either on my website or my Facebook page, so make sure you’re following me so you won’t miss it.

Until next time, don’t forget » « Don’t loose your soul and think out of the box ».

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