Duet of Pelicans in Panama City

Duet of Pelicans in Panama City

Duet of pelicans in Panama City

Each time I walk in the city, I stop by the fish market to enjoy a ceviche! You should try sometime. Last time, I stumbled upon this Duet of Pelicans in Panama City and I wanted to bring them to you!

They were very attentive about what was going on around them and you bet, being in the fish market, they were ready for a feast! However, they played very nice and waited for me to be done with catching them with my cam.

As you imagine, I then applied some Photoshop filters to enhance the picture. So of course, they don’t look quite like usual pelicans but this is my way of thinking out of the box. I know some of you like it, while others don’t but, as usual, IDGAF! I am the artist and I am free to do whatever pleases me, right?

Oh! And did you see the photobombing bird? I didn’t see it when I shot the picture but I was laughing out loud when I imported the file into my computer. This is also what I like in instant photography: when there is no pause, there are usually great surprises!

You can catch up with my next picture related to pelicans! You will see what a pelican looks like after being fed… Guess what? Just like us, after a good meal, he is ready to nap 😀

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