Well Fed Pelican in Panama City

Well Fed Pelican in Panama City

A well Fed Pelican in Panama City

I am pleased to introduce you to my Well Fed Pelican in Panama City! Maybe you remember the Duet of Pelicans that I posted earlier? If not you can catch up here! This one is one of them. They had quite a fight over the food this day. Luckily, it finally ended very well and both of them were ready to nap!

This one was not moving much (I guessed he had more fish than the other) and I was lucky enough to get his picture with the zoom.

I remember a guy was yelling at me for taking the picture but he finally understood my IDGAF attitude and let me do my stuff. It is not easy to be a French artist in Panama! But this country is the richest in terms of dark photography and dark creation possibilities. Sadly, because some people are very poor and, thankfully because they still manage to be happy. Believe it or not, most of them ask me to take a picture of them.

Meanwhile, in other areas, some complain their internet access is not steady! I am always ready to give them my best advice ever: « If you can’t stand it here, move the fuck back home » Easy, click here for North America, or here for Europe!

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